21/22 Season now live!

We are ABTOT members so you can book with peace of mind.This means that in the event of our insolvency financial protection for your money is provided by our ABTOT bond.

Covid-19 Guarantee Season 21/22

Alongside the financial guarantee below, our priority will of course be to follow prevailing best practice to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Exactly what measures are appropriate will become clearer in time but our terms and conditions already provide for vaccination certificates and testing for guests and we expect the same to apply to all our staff in resort.

We recognise that the current uncertainty is difficult for our guests.  As a result, we have temporarily changed our booking terms and conditions to provide reassurance of how we will protect your holiday money in different circumstances. Normally protection applies if we cannot deliver holidays, but we are now covering other likely situations. The ultimate protection remains our ABTOT bond which protects the money you have paid us in the event of our insolvency and stands behind all the following.

  1. This guarantee comes into force if we unfortunately get to a point where you can’t go on holiday and/or we can’t provide your holiday for any COVID-related reason and it is unlikely that the situation will change. (Other reasons continue to be dealt with under normal terms and conditions.)  It will apply because of any or all of the following:
    • there is a travel restriction in place that prevents you travelling to take up your holiday,
    • there is a quarantine restriction in the UK or your Home Nation, which means you would be required to self-isolate for more than 7 days on return,
    • there is an FCDO advisory notice (or Home Nation equivalent)advising against all but essential travel to France,
    • the chalet, resort or country is closed due to local regulations and we are unable to offer you an alternative chalet or resort,
    • we are not able to provide your accommodation because of any COVID-19 related reason,
    • there is a quarantine restriction in place in France or Switzerland (if that prevents transfers)

2. Firstly, we will refund lift passes and adult ski lessons in cash where we can recover them. 

3. Then, if you have paid only your non-refundable deposit we will transfer it in full to the following season but it will not be refunded.

4. If you have paid your accommodation in full you can decide, for the remaining balance, between:

    • taking 100% of that amount as a holiday credit for 2022/23 or, if we are able to offer it, the current season 2021/22, or
    • receiving a cash refund of 75% of your full holiday cost paid, including deposit, less refunded amounts, (bear in mind that considerable holiday set up costs have been incurred)

5.  Holiday credit may be applied to a booking for this season 2021/22 where possible or the following season.  The booking must be made by 31st March 2022 in all cases.  The new booking is subject to availability and will be at normal prices.  If you later cancel the new booking you will receive a refund of recoverable amounts paid for lift passes and adult ski lessons in cash. If you have paid your accommodation you will also receive 70% of the value of your original holiday including deposit, net of these refunded extras. If you have paid deposit only it will not be refunded.

6.  The final payment date remains 10 weeks before your holiday. If payment in full has not been received by us by the due date, we shall have the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit paid, and in this case, no refund or holiday credit will be due.

7.  Please bear in mind that COVID-19 may have an impact on holiday arrangements for some time. We may, for example, be unable to provide or significantly need to change the way we deliver certain advertised services or facilities as a result. We may also need to change your accommodation or resort at short notice if it becomes unavailable. Greater flexibility is therefore likely to be required for the foreseeable future, both before and after departure, and our booking terms stipulate that you will not be entitled to a refund or holiday credit, and will incur cancellation charges if you do not accept a reasonable alternative.

8.  We require all guests to agree to comply with COVID-19 safe practices and behave responsibly to protect other guests and staff. This may include for example accepting temperature checks, providing vaccine certificates and other measures for all your family which we consider necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible. Failure to do so will constitute unacceptable behaviour and clause 14 “Behaviour” will apply.  You must also accept that there is inevitably a degree of personal risk involved in taking a holiday at this time and we cannot be held responsible for any consequences other than as described above.

9.  There will be no full or part refund or holiday credit should you decide to leave or cancel/curtail your holiday part way through your stay for any reason including COVID-19 related reasons or government advice, and you decide to leave once you have arrived in the resort or you do not travel/arrive on the expected day of your arrival, except as provided for above.

10.  Refunds and holiday credit are only for services you have booked with us, not directly with any third parties. You will be required to approach those companies for a refund or credit note. Official statements must have been published to verify closures/restrictions. Please note, the holiday arrangements we offer and make for you do not constitute a “package” as defined by  the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. 

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