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Fly on a Friday!

When you think of going on a family holiday you may automatically think of travelling on a Saturday or Sunday, and rightly so.  However, as previous Family Ski Company guests have proved, flying on a Friday is certainly an option.

Our holidays usually run from a Saturday to Saturday (there’s always an exception to every rule and for the first 5 weeks of the 15/16 season our holidays will have Sunday start dates!) and our guests organise their own flights so they can fly from their local airport at a more civil time of day.  Included in our accommodation price is a free return transfer from Geneva airport and the majority of our guests use this.

However, some of our guests choose to fly into Geneva airport on a Friday, stay at a local hotel for the night and go back to the Arrivals area on the Saturday to join our FSC transfer.  Here are a few reasons why it’s an option:

  • Young children – If you have babies or young children then splitting up the actual travelling time is a very attractive idea!  It gives you a breather and your children can catch up on sleep etc
  • Cheaper flights & hotels – Check out the prices for flights on a Friday.  You could save quite a bit of money which you can put towards lunches on the slopes, ski hire etc.  Combine this with a cheaper hotel for the night and you may find that the journey to Geneva airport costs you less than if you travelled on the Saturday
  • Less waiting time – Depending on when your flight lands into Geneva, you may have a wait to join our transfer.  If you travel on a Friday, all you have to do is to find our Family Ski Reps in Arrivals on the Saturday, at the time we give you before you travel.  Our Reps will also have your contact numbers, so if they need to contact you, they will!  You literally walk into Arrivals looking rather less dishevelled than others!
  • Explore Geneva – It is a beautiful city with plenty to see and do.  There is a train station at the airport with trains running frequently into the centre of Geneva, and the journey only takes 6 minutes!  Just picture you all having a nice lunch or dinner on the Friday and exploring the sites, lovely!
  • You start your holiday a bit earlier – you get an extra day to add to your holiday, say no more!

You can also drive…

Again, plenty of guests drive to resort, and leave home on the Friday and stay overnight in a hotel.  Splitting up the journey means it’s kinder to the whole family; to the drivers and the children on the back seat!  The travel page on our website is full of useful information, including directions to resort.

Or get the train?

There is the overnight train that leaves St Pancras on the Friday evening but we certainly do not recommend that you travel this way, especially with children!  There are no beds, seats together with a table are limited and there will be noise!  As you can imagine there is a genre of skiers who travel on the overnight train (and without children, it’s a great idea!) but that’s certainly not conducive to a family being rested and relaxed at the start of their holiday.

So, if you have the chance, it is worth checking out if travelling on a Friday is an option for your family.  Ultimately, this is how we want to see you on your first evening in your chalet…..




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