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Covid update 08/07/20

Covid Money Back Guarantee July 2020

The summer season in the French Alps is well underway and already feels very different to just a few short weeks ago: hotels, chalets, bars and restaurants are open and children’s summer holiday camps and clubs are in full swing. We all hope that this is just a taster of the winter season to come. But of course none of us can be certain of what will happen next season and we have to be sensible in planning for all situations. Like all ski operators we have struggled this year but we have been working hard, especially with chalet owners, to make sure that we will be better placed to deal operationally and financially with any similar problems next year.

As a result, if we are unable to provide your holiday next year due to the effects of a Coronavirus we will offer you the choice of a 100% credit for the cost of your holiday against a holiday in the following 21/22 season or a full refund. If we are not able to refund you then the guarantees of our ABTOT bond will come into force and so your money will be ultimately safe.

We are planning to keep our full chalet programme but many companies are cutting back dramatically and sadly some will not be around next season. We could well be seeing a situation similar to summer holidays in the UK now where availability is very limited as people look to make up for holidays lost this year, especially where there are far fewer chalet options with childcare. We know people like us always say this, but this could be a very good time to make use of this money back guarantee to book now. Many of our guests already have.

Our website is in operation as normal, so please do look at our availability checker where you can get a general quote, which we will confirm with detailed options.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding in these challenging times.

All our holidays remain fully ABTOT protected as normal, this means that if we cease trading then the bond refund protection applies.


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