We are ABTOT members so you can book with peace of mind.This means that in the event of our insolvency financial protection for your money is provided by our ABTOT bond.

Sales are open for next season 24/25. We are filling up faster than ever before, so like booking your flights, get in early to secure the best rooms on the busiest weeks. We have already sold the majority of our peak weeks with very little left for the February Half Term and New Years.

You book your own flights, meaning you can fly from your local airport at a civilised time of day – not daft o’clock from a distant airport.
We offer a free transfer service from Geneva so long as the flights fit our transfer timings. See more about our transfers here.

EasyJet release their first set of flights for the winter season first thing tomorrow, from 1st December 2024 up until the 2nd of March 2025 .

If you’re looking to bag yourselves a bargain, being ready at the moment they are released will mean you’re likely to get the best deal.

They have suggested that flights release at 9am tomorrow. But typically they have released at 6am, so get in early for the best prices! 

We can hold accommodation for you for 48 hours whilst you find the perfect flights, so grab some great value flights to fit in with our included transfers.

We didn’t want the Ski Esprit announcement that it will not be operating next year to pass unremarked. We at Family Ski Company have been operating for 28 years now but Esprit pioneered skiing holidays with childcare quite a few years earlier. All tour operators claim their offering is just that bit better and of course we are no exception but we should salute Esprit’s achievement and we just want to wish their staff all the best for the future.

You might initially think that taking a baby on a skiing holiday is just one of those things that can’t be done. “We’ll leave it 5 or 6 years you think, then our child can learn to ski”. That’s all very well if you are also happy to miss out on several years of skiing while you wait for your little one to grow up. And if you have one, two, three or more children then you could be in for a long ski drought. What a shame!  No matter what age your children are, you should be able to take your baby with you so that everyone in the family can enjoy the mountains.

Skiing with babies may seem like a daunting task, but with the right preparation and support, it can become a truly memorable experience for the whole family. At Family Ski Company, we understand the unique needs of families with little ones, and we’re here to make your ski holiday with a baby an enjoyable and stress-free adventure. Join us as we explore how Family Ski Holidays can help you embrace the joy of skiing with your little bundle of joy.

Family-Focused Accommodation and Resorts:

Choosing the resort should be done carefully. The main thing to be aware of is that babies can be affected by altitude. You won’t have a great week if you have a grizzly, upset baby because you are staying in a high resort. Choose carefully!  Our resort of Ardent is just 90 minutes from Geneva, so is often favoured by families with babies as you will soon be settling into your new home for the week.

Choosing family-friendly accommodations is key when skiing with a baby. We offer  a range of chalets designed with your family’s comfort in mind. With spacious living areas, separate bedrooms for peace and quiet, and all the necessary amenities, our accommodations provide a cosy home away from home for you and your little one.

We have a special baby menu so your cook will prepare fresh and tasty purees if needed –  nothing out of a jar, just home-made nutritious meals. Fresh whole milk is always available for you to help yourselves to, and you can of course use the microwave to warm up baby’s bottle no matter what time of day or night. The chalet fruit bowl will hold a variety of tempting fruits and will be replenished throughout the week so you can encourage those healthy-eating habits even when away from home. The chalet itself is an ideal set-up for little children as you can put them to bed, and then enjoy dinner being cooked and served to you safe in the knowledge that if they wake up you won’t be far away. Unlike staying in a hotel where they will probably be on a different floor and down the corridor, staying in a chalet is like being at home. And for peace of mind we have monitors in all the chalets which you are welcome to use. Another thing worth knowing is that we have washing machines and driers available for our guests to use in our chalets so you don’t need to worry about bringing lots of spare clothes for your baby as we all know how many outfits they can get through in a day!

Baby Equipment at Your Fingertips:

It is probably the baby paraphernalia that makes you think twice before setting off on holiday with a baby in tow. Traveling with a baby often means packing a lot of gear. And you are right, but choose your Tour Operator carefully and you won’t have to take any of it with you. How can such a small person need so much equipment? A truly child-focussed company will have chalets equipped with travel cots, cot linen, baby monitors, bed guards, potties, highchairs, liquidisers, sterilisers, baby and toddler crockery and cutlery, stairgates, changing mats and toys. Not to mention toys, games and DVDs are all available to keep your little ones entertained in the evenings. These items are provided as standard when we have young children booked into our chalets, and your chalet host will do everything to make sure that you have all the things you need. Worried about bulky, heavy nappies in your suitcase using up your baggage allowance?  Well, you don’t need to.  We are now offering complimentary nappies and wipes in our chalets.  That will certainly free up some space in your suitcase for your ski wear.

Expert Childcare Services:

One of the biggest concerns for parents skiing with babies is finding reliable and trustworthy childcare. With Family Ski Company, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is in the hands of experienced and caring childcare professionals. Our expert team offers dedicated childcare, allowing you to enjoy your time on the slopes while your baby is well looked after. All of our staff are enhanced DBS checked and thoroughly trained. We are proud to say that our childcare team come from all backgrounds and all have different but relevant experience with children. From professional nannies, activity leaders from some of the EU’s best activity centres, and those who are just super enthusiastic about childcare. We’ve even had school teachers working for us over the years.
We always meet OFSTED ratios for childcare and often exceed their recommendations. This allows us to provide quality childcare that can adapt to the needs of each individual child.

Tailored Ski Lessons

Family Ski Company understands that skiing is a family affair, even with a baby in tow. That’s why we offer tailored ski lessons for parents, allowing you to hit the slopes and improve your skills while your little one is taken care of. Our ski school helpers can assist with childcare during lessons, ensuring you have the opportunity to enjoy your time on the mountain worry-free. We will even send you regular pictures and updates throughout the day to let you know how your little one is getting on.

Supportive Community:

When you choose a Family Ski Holiday, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded families. Connect with other parents who have embarked on skiing adventures with their babies and exchange tips, stories, and experiences. Our shared dining, and home away from home ethos helps create a welcoming atmosphere where lifelong friendships can form. We often have families who met for the first time on one of our holidays, coming back together year after year with the people they shared their Chalet with on their first trip.


Skiing with a baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Family Ski Company, we provide the perfect solution for families looking to embrace the joys of skiing while ensuring their baby’s comfort and safety. With family-focused accommodations, essential baby equipment, expert childcare services, tailored ski lessons, and a supportive community, Family Ski Company is your partner in creating unforgettable memories on the slopes.

Book your Family Ski Holiday today and embark on a winter adventure where skiing with a baby becomes a breeze.


What happens when you combine hiking and downhill skiing? If you answered “a lot of hard work” then you probably haven’t heard of Alpine Touring yet. Whilst Alpine Touring does require plenty of physical exertion, the rewards you get at the end make that extra effort worth it.

Alpine Touring, also known as Randonnée skiing is a form of skiing in which skiers ascend the mountain under their own power through the use of specialized bindings and skins. They were originally made of animal skin, like seal skins, but they are now made with artificial materials that have fibres to hold the skis from sliding back down as the skier glides forward up the hill. Once you have reached the desired altitude, the skins are removed and the bare skis are used to descend.

One of the biggest draws of Alpine Touring is the sense that you’re heading into unchartered terrain, experiencing the mountain and fresh snow for the first time. Whilst the sport is growing in popularity, there are still plenty of hills and tracks that are untouched by other skiers.


But before you head out to find the next empty mountain, there’s some information you’ll need to know. Traditional ski trails are marked and defined, but the pristine Alpine Touring trails are typically not regulated by a ski resort, which means you’ll either have to depend on an expert guide so you don’t end up skiing over a cliff or causing an avalanche, or take the risk yourselves. So please make sure you take the relevant ski and emergency equipment with you.

Alpine Touring Equipment



The main difference between Alpine Touring and alpine skiing is how you get to the top of the mountain –in Alpine Touring, you’ll be relying on your own two feet instead of sitting on a cushy chair lift.

Alpine Touring equipment is similar to that of downhill skiing, and some people do use the same equipment for both. The biggest difference (and advantage) of Alpine Touring equipment is that it’s much lighter and more flexible than the equipment you’d use on on piste – it is easier to carry and won’t sink into fresh snow. The heavier and stiffer more traditional equipment works better on packed-down resort trails.

Your heels are kept free for the walking motion required to climb the mountain, and when you’re ready to ski, you can secure your heel to the skis with bindings. Alpine Touring skis are shorter and wider than most other skis, for easier manoeuvrability and so that you don’t sink into the fresh mountain snow. And Alpine Touring boots are lighter, more flexible and more comfortable than downhill boots. Alpine ski poles are longer than other poles, because they’re also used as walking sticks. But they’re made with carbon-fibre material, so they’re still very light.

Ski Skins are designed to provide grip to the skis when ascending backcountry slopes, and to be removed for skiing downhill. Whilst they used to be made of seal skins, hence the name, they are now more typically made with synthetic fibres like Nylon or Mohair, and are designed to allow the ski to move forwards but not backwards. These are essential for Alpine Touring.

What you’ll need

  1. Alpine Touring Skis – Alpine skis are slightly wider and slightly lighter so you don’t sink in powdery snow, where you ski and when you ski will change the type of snow you’re skiing on, so Alpine skis aren’t essential if you’re on more compact snow.
  2. Alpine Touring Ski Boots – Alpine skis are slightly softer and slightly lighter, making the ascents easier on the feet, but are not essential if you’re a beginner trying it out for the first time
  3. Skins – Now these are essential, some Alpine skis have fish scale designs on the underside to improve grip, and some people use ski wax to get grip, but ultimately synthetic skins are the way to go. They have been used for 100’s of years by various arctic ethnic groups and often the old ways are the best.
  4. Alpine Touring Bindings– These are essential. Having the correct kind of binding is imperative for ease and comfort. Alpine bindings allow the heel to move freely so that you can glide your skis across the snow in a fashion similar to walking.
  5. Ski Poles/Batons – We would strongly recommend getting specific Alpine ski poles/batons. They are much longer and lighter and are used like walking sticks therefore having the right size is really important.

Emergency Gear for Alpine Touring



You definitely won’t be skiing the bunny slopes when you’re Alpine Touring, so always be as sensible as you can. Avalanches are your main risk when Alpine skiing, so remember that because you’re skiing the backcountry there are no wardens or mountaineers and no one to help you apart from your group should something go wrong (so pick wisely)

Here are some emergency items that you might want to pack:

  • Helmet. Because things fall — especially rock and melting ice. And you really don’t want to get knocked out cold in the middle of nowhere.
  • Avalanche beacon. This transceiver allows other beacons to locate you beneath the snow. They’re available in digital (easier for the inexperienced to learn, but less precise), analogue (more precise, but tougher to learn) and combination models. This tool can be pretty complicated, so it’s important to practice using it.
  • Avalanche probes. These segmented poles, which typically extend to about 8 feet, can dig through avalanche debris.
  • Shovels and saws. These essentials can cut through slabs of ice, and some models can be attached to ski poles.
  • Compass or GPS. This comes in handy in all kinds of emergencies — from avalanches to whiteout conditions.
  • ABS Escape. You can often rent this newer, fairly pricey safety device from ski resorts. It’s an airbag that inflates instantly when activated, displacing the snow that could bury you in an avalanche.
  • First-aid kit. Make sure there’s an emergency warming blanket and enough medical supplies to allow you to survive a trek out of the wilderness.
  • Backpack. You can purchase special alpine-touring packs to haul your gear.

Where can I go Alpine Touring in Family Ski resorts?

One of the great things about Alpine Touring and back country skiing is that you can do it pretty much anywhere. If there’s a hill with some snow on it, that’s all you need.
Now, there are some popular routes and some companies provide tours. The ESF for example have guides in each resort that can take you on excursions to try out ski touring for the first time, or just to get your bearings for the rest of your trip.

Below are some locations you can access easily from your Family Ski Chalet. But for those who want to experience true remoteness and wild skiing, without any other pesky people, this list is a helpful guide of where not to go.

Reberty in Les Menuires

A great base for ski touring enthusiasts. You can easily access incredible destinations in the French Alps from here.

Val Thorens is located in the same ski area as Les Menuires and is the highest ski resort in Europe. It offers fantastic ski touring opportunities, such as the Col de Thorens or the Glacier de Chavière. The Belleville Valley, where Les Menuires is situated, boasts numerous ski touring routes. You can venture into the Vallée des Encombres or ascend the Pointe de la Masse for breath-taking panoramas. Reberty provides access to an extensive network of ski touring possibilities as part of the expansive Three Valleys ski area. Les Trois Combes, located near Reberty, offers stunning off-piste skiing and ski touring opportunities. The Maurienne Valley is worth exploring for its exceptional ski touring options.


Ardent in The Portes Du Soleil 

From Avoriaz embark on routes such as the Col de Coux, which provides stunning views of the Dents du Midi mountain range, or the Col du Fornet, which offers a challenging ascent and a rewarding descent through unspoiled snowfields. Roc d’Enfer, situated between St-Jean-d’Aulps and Bellevaux, is a hidden gem for ski touring enthusiasts. With its untouched wilderness and beautiful landscapes, this area offers a unique experience. With the Portes du Soleil spanning both France and Switzerland, you can easily venture into the Swiss valleys for additional ski touring adventures. The Pas de Morgins and the Col de Coux are notable options.  Located in the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski area, the Hauts-Forts mountain range provides exhilarating ski touring opportunities. explore the Combe de la Gorgeat, a beautiful and challenging off-piste descent.

Les Coches in Paradiski

As part of the Paradiski area, Les Coches provides easy access to the vast ski domain of La Plagne. Within La Plagne, there are numerous ski touring routes available. The Bellecôte Glacier and the Roche de Mio are popular destinations, offering stunning views and exhilarating descents. Situated in the Tarentaise Valley, the Mont Pourri massif is a remarkable ski touring destination near Les Coches. The ascent to the summit of Mont Pourri is challenging but rewarding, providing panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. The descent offers a thrilling adventure through pristine powder fields.The Beaufortain Massif, located to the south of Les Coches, is a hidden gem for ski touring enthusiasts. With its majestic peaks and unspoiled landscapes, this area offers a wide range of routes to explore. Ascending the Col du Grand Fond or the Roche Parstire provides breathtaking vistas and unforgettable descents.Connected to La Plagne by the Vanoise Express cable car, Les Arcs is another fantastic ski touring destination accessible from Les Coches. Explore routes such as the Col de la Chal, which offers stunning views of the Mont Blanc massif, or the Aiguille Rouge Nature Reserve for a wild and remote skiing experience.

Remember to be well-prepared, have proper safety equipment, and check the current avalanche conditions when venturing into the backcountry.  Enjoy exploring the pristine mountains and create lasting memories in these winter wonderlands!

Gone are the days of dogeared trail maps and bulky electronics that many of our seasoned Skiers would have been used to. Your mobile is now your best companion on the slopes (other than the wife and kids of course). The problem is that there are 1000’s of skiing apps on both The App Store and Google Play stores. Which all offer very similar features, making it difficult to sift through and find the right ones.

To save you the hassle of what we have been through over the years trying to find apps that have had all the features we’ve wanted, and dont break the bank. We’ve put together a list of our favourite Skiing Apps. So, if you’re going on your first skiing adventure, or you’re a seasoned professional who’s frustrated with your current Skiing applications this list might be helpful.

Best for Snow ForecastingOn the Snow

OnTheSnow packs all the information you could need into one awesome snow report app.

OnTheSnow leads the way in providing live snow and weather for more than 2000+ ski resorts across the globe. Select your mountain to see the weather forecast including incoming snow, freeze levels and much more. Get daily snow reports to know where to head for the day and even set a powder alert to never miss out on fresh tracks. You can also view live webcams, photos from fellow skiers and GPS enabled trail maps.
Realistically, OnTheSnow in the only weather and snow report app you’ll need, everything is packed into one app.

Price – Free    ANDROID IOS

Best for Ski MapsFatmap

FatMap is a 3D mapping app for outdoor adventures.

Fatmaps is the pinnacle of terrain and route planning apps. With all the worlds biggest ski resorts on the app, you can go straight to a 3D render of the terrain, which includes all the marked ski runs and the surrounding area. Not only does it make finding ski lifts and your perfect run much easier, it also allows you to map out your perfect freeride using the mountain peaks, gradients and conditions. You can browse through trails in your area mapped by local experts and professional and see descriptions and comments. Fatmap supports 20 different sports like hiking, resort skiing, snow shoeing and ski touring.

Price – Free with in-app purchases ANDROID IOS

Best for Tracking and dataSki Tracks

Ski Tracks is a tracking and data app that provides detailed analysis of your days skiing.

Ski Tracks is the most downloaded ski app in the world, and for good reason. It definitely isn’t the most modern or fancy looking app out there, but, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in capability. The main tracking screen provides information on ; Top speed, Total skiing distance, Vertical descent distance, Altitudes reached, Total runs, average gradient and terrain profile. The app itself is really simple to use, and data is displayed in an easy to consume manner,  so you won’t need a maths or computer science degree to decode the information provided. One of the other big bonuses is that the tracking is done via GPS, so you dont have to worry about you battery draining fast or paying for data roaming either.

Price – £1.79 IOS ANDROID

Best for Safety – Cairn

Cairn is a tracking app that allows you to share your exact location, and shares your ETA with your family and friends.

Cairn was initially designed as an app for sharing your location and eta with friends and family. But its features are ideal for Ski safety aswell. The most important feature you need is to be able to let someone know there’s a problem and where to find you. You can create a route with check in points along the way, where the app shows other people have found mobile signal, and share it with family and friends. Then if you are late or miss a check in, your family know where you are and where to come find you with live location tracking. A must have if you’re planning a days ski touring or back country skiing.

Price – FREE with in app purchase IOS ANDROID

Best for Learning – Carv 

Carv is a professional coaching app designed for skiers of all abilities providing real time audio feedback and personalised training plans.

You attach the Carv device under the liner of your ski boot, where it measures your pressure and motion 2o times a second and gives you personalised audio tips whilst you ski. Its like having a private instructor in your ear. After each run you receive a ‘Ski:IQ’ score which details where you are strongest and areas for improvement. It then develops a personal training plan where you can monitor your progress. The data analysis and personalised professional advice from Carv sets it far and above the competition. As Forbes says “Carv is without doubt, a game changer for skiers”

Price – From £79 per year plus £199 for the Carv device

When it comes to planning a memorable family holiday, few experiences can rival the joy and adventure of a ski trip in the magnificent Alps. Picture breath-taking mountain vistas, crisp alpine air, and the exhilaration of gliding down pristine slopes. If you’re looking to embark on a family ski adventure, look no further than Family Ski Company, a renowned provider of tailor-made ski holidays. Let’s delve into why we are the best choice for your next winter getaway.

For more information, or to book please send an email enquiry, or call our friendly team on 01684 540333 ( You won’t be talking to a robot, or be placed in a queue)

Convenient Travel from Ireland to the Alps:

Getting to the Alps from Ireland is easier than you might think. With direct flights from Belfast and Dublin to Geneva, you can quickly reach your family skiing destination. Here at the Family Ski Company we understand the importance of hassle-free travel, and we can assist you in arranging seamless transfers from the airport to your ski chalet, ensuring a smooth start to your vacation. We offer inclusive transfers from Geneva so long as flights meet our transfer criteria. See more here.

Take advantage of Belfast’s cheap flights, even if you opt for a private transfer, you will still be paying less for transport than our UK guests.

The best flights for our resort of Ardent in the Portes Du Soleil,  are from Belfast. This EasyJet flight arrives at 11am in time for our first transfer of the day, and leaves you with a lovely afternoon to spend in Les Lindarets, or for those who are keen to get on the slopes, an extra afternoon of skiing. The return flight departs at 11.35am, we always make sure that you’ll have ample time to catch your flight, but this option will mean no waiting around at the airport for check in to open. If you are flying from Belfast to Reberty and Les Coches, we would suggest organising a private transfer to catch the 11.35am flight mentioned above as the alternative is 9.00pm. This will still be a cheaper flight option that flying from Dublin or other UK airports. For example Belfast is almost £300 per person less than UK airports for the 18th of February (UK half term) so taking a private transfer will still work out cheaper than it would for our UK guests.

The best flights for our resorts of Reberty in the Three Valleys and Les Coches in Paradiski are from Belfast. This Aer Lingus flight arrives at 13.30, you will be there in plenty of time for the last transfer of the day. The return flight departs at 14.10 and means little to no waiting at Geneva, and a more relaxed morning in the Chalet.

If you do find a flight that fits in better with you and your timings, but doesn’t fit within our transfer times, our friendly team can help organise a private transfer for you. Sometimes a cheaper flight and a private transfer can work out better both on timings and your wallet.

Expertise and Experience:

Here at Family Ski Company we have been creating unforgettable ski holidays for families for over 20 years. Our team of dedicated professionals posses a wealth of knowledge and experience in crafting bespoke ski experiences tailored to the needs of families. We understand that each family is unique, and go the extra mile to ensure that every detail of your trip is taken care of. Your skis will be delivered to the Chalet on the night of your arrival and lift passes will be ready for your first morning on the slopes. And don’t forget our well renowned childcare.

Not sold yet? See our page Why Family Ski for our top 10 reasons to choose the Family Ski Company for your Family Ski holiday

Family-Friendly Accommodation:

One of the key reasons why Family Ski Company stands out is our exceptional range of family-friendly accommodation. Whether you prefer the charm of a traditional alpine chalet or a sleek modern Chalet, our Chalet portfolio offers something for every taste and budget, our prices start at £658 for an Adult and £461 for a Child.  What sets us apart is our focus on creating a safe and comfortable environment for families, with amenities like games rooms, child-friendly meals, and dedicated play areas, ensuring that children of all ages are entertained and well-cared for throughout the holiday.

Take a look at our Special Offers to see what deals we have available for you.


Childcare and Ski Lessons:

A family ski holiday should provide enjoyment for everyone, including the little ones. Here at the Family Ski Company we understand this better than anyone, and we  offer excellent childcare services and ski lessons designed specifically for children. Our experienced and friendly staff members are trained to cater to the needs of young skiers, ensuring they have a fun and educational experience on the slopes. Our Ski School helpers are unique in the industry and are their to support the youngest in their ski lessons. Parents can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation or tackle more challenging runs knowing that their children are in safe hands.

Embarking on a family ski holiday in the Alps is a fantastic way to create lifelong memories and bond with your loved ones. With our commitment to providing family friendly holidays, high quality accommodation, and exceptional service, Family Ski Company has earned its reputation as the go-to provider for family ski holidays. By choosing us, you can rest assured that every aspect of your trip will be as easy as can be when travelling with your little ones, allowing you to focus on enjoying the breath-taking scenery, fantastic slopes and creating unforgettable moments with your family.

Start planning your next family ski adventure with Family Ski Company and get ready to experience the thrill and beauty of the Alps like never before!

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Easter is easily one of the best times to go skiing. There are many misconceptions about skiing during Easter, mainly about the availability of snow. We’ve written this blog to show you the many advantages of skiing at Easter, and hopefully quash some of those misconceptions about late season skiing.

Les Coches April 2018


One of the many advantages of skiing at Easter are those beautiful blue bird moments. There is nothing better than looking out across the mountains with the sun beaming down on you from above. Also, more sun means less thermals, so more space in the cases and less layers to pull off at the end of the day.

Later in the season, the days become longer, meaning you’ll get more hours of skiing compared to travelling in the depths of winter. You’ll also be able to sit out in the sun for your mountain lunches without risking losing your fingers.

Chalet Susanna and Imogen April 2018


A lot of people don’t want to ski in Easter as they fear there will be no snow. They will either only stay in really high altitude resorts, or will avoid April all together. Now, whilst we can’t guarantee you that there will be snow at Easter, we also can’t guarantee it on any other day of the season either. There are un-skiable days throughout the season due to changes in weather.

Most people will tell you altitude is often considered a major factor for how long the snow sticks around, whilst this is certainly true, there are a multitude of factors that impact the amount of snow on the mountains. Ardent sits at just 1200m, but achieves a snow sure rating of 5/5. The orientation and subset of the slopes play a huge role. Ardent for example is in a sheltered north-west facing valley and a rock base keeps the snow cold. In recent years snow-making has become more and more widespread as resorts invest heavily to make sure key runs are skiable.

Ardent: 12th of April – Chalet Grolets

All of the resorts we operate in have snow making facilities and the home runs remain skiable till the end of the season.

Our seasonaires stay out a few weeks after the end of our season, and typically enjoy skiing right up until the day they leave. In fact, we haven’t had to close a resort early in the 25+ years we’ve been operating.

Sitting 600 metres below Avoriaz, the main run remains skiable until the end of the season

Ardent: 7th of April. – Home Run

Time off and Costs 

The kids are off school for the Easter holidays and most people have at a few days off for bank holidays and the lucky ones get a couple more, meaning more holiday days saved for the rest of the year. Half term weeks are always the more expensive option, as parents with older children aren’t taking their kids out of school limiting them to the half terms and inflating prices across the board.

However, Easter rates are typically quite a lot cheaper than other half term holidays. There are usually some great end of season offers in resorts as the season starts to wind down. Often ski hire is cheaper in these weeks, and there are normally some great deals to be found on lift passes as well.

For example from the 1st of April, the Porte’s du Soleil are offering a FREE children’s lift pass with the purchase of an adult Porte’s du Soleil lift pass. This represents a saving of £223 per child.

Prices for 22/23 starting at £1411 for an Adult and £1155 for a child.

As our Seasonaires arrive in the resorts, so too does the snow.

 Snow fell down to low elevations in the Alps leading to the season getting underway in many resorts earlier than expected.

Reberty was stunning this morning basking in the morning sunshine.

Whilst Ardent was being blanketed in falling snow.

Family Ski Company initiation – and ice-breakers – in the truest sense – ranged from cold water swimming in the beautiful Lac de Montriond…

To lessons in snow-chain fitting…

You don’t need a 4×4 to drive to the Alps 

What are the Benefits?

  1. The Journey. You can make the drive itself a holiday. If you’re travelling with family and friends, its a fantastic opportunity to explore some truly beautiful areas of France. You can plan stops on the route to major cities like Paris, Dijon or Lyon, take a detour to more remote areas of France you may otherwise not have visited or pop into Belgium or Luxembourg before you make the rest of the drive.
  2. Cost. If you’re driving with two or more people, then it can save you a lot of money. The prices of Eurotunnel tickets are per vehicle, so costs are significantly lower, and even with rising fuel prices, it can still be cheaper to drive the whole family than to buy individual plane tickets. You still have the costs of getting to the airport on top of the tickets as well.
  3. Flexibility. When you get to resort, having a car gives you the freedom to indulge in other activities offered in your area with greater ease. There’s also no rushing around in the morning, your flight might depart without you, but your car, won’t.
  4. No baggage limit. Yep, no need to wear every item of clothing you own to avoid the dreaded 20kg baggage limit. You can take what you want, including your skis without having to pay anything extra because your bag doesn’t fit in the tiny whole they allow for cabin bags
  5. A bit more leg room. 

Ferry or Eurotunnel?

Speed or relaxation ?

If you’re looking for speed, then the Eurotunnel wins hands down. Dover to Calais takes just 35 minutes. Whilst the ferry takes 1hr30 Dover to Calais or 2hrs to Dunkirk.

Have a beer or a glass of wine and a bight to eat from one of the many onboard bars and restaurants. And keep the kids entertained in the games rooms and play rooms on board. You can book with P&O, DFDS Seaways and Irish Ferries.


The French love their toll roads, and there are lots of them. You can pay most by card, but its worth taking a look into the Emovis Tag it detects and charges you as you whizz through the toll stations without queueing. The average costs of toll roads to ski resorts is €70.

Do remember that in Europe tolls will be on the left hand side, so if you haven’t got a passenger, bear this in mind. 

If you’re not in a rush, then try adapting your route to avoid tolls by taking the smaller roads, and this way, you can take in all the gorgeous French countryside before heading up the mountains. 

A great website for planning your journey and estimating costs including tolls and fuel is Autoroutes . They calculate the best route and give you the prices and locations of all tolls on your route.

Essentials for your journey

Insurance. Check your insurance allows you to drive in Europe, most UK insurers do cover this, but it is always best to check.

Up to date maps. Whilst we almost all rely on our phones for directions, there is nothing more frustrating than your signal dropping out just as you arrive at a 5 prong roundabout and you have no idea what exit to take. Having a map and well planned route mitigates this and means you always have something to fall back on should technology fail you.

Washer Fluid. Now this is something I didn’t know or think about until it was too late. Having the right washer fluid is quite important, traditional washer fluid can freeze in its tank, so if you need to wash your windows, good luck. Getting winter washer fluid that contains anti freeze can help to clear the snow off your windows before you drive and stops the tank from freezing solid.


It is now mandatory to carry certain equipment whilst driving in Europe. You must have:

  • A GB sticker
  • A Warning Triangle
  • A Headlamp Converter
  • A High-Vis Jacket- for each person in the car.
  • Snow Chains for when there’s snow on the road
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit

All of these items can be purchased from Halfords, Amazon, the AA or onboard the ferries.

Estimated Driving Times

Ultimately, it depends on where you are driving from, the routes you take (direct using toll roads or the slower free scenic routes) and whether you’re taking the Ferry or Eurotunnel. Below are the travel times from Calais to our resorts taking the fastest routes, not taking into account stops and breaks.

Calais to Ardent 879km, 8hrs 30 Minutes

Calais to Reberty: 968km, 9hrs 10 Minutes

Calais to Les Coches : 970km, 9hrs 5 Minutes


Ardent – There is ample parking in Ardent, you can park right alongside all of our Chalets. If those spaces are filled up, not to worry, the car park in Ardent is free, and a short distance from the chalets. If you want to park undercover, then your best option is in Morzine, there are 3 covered parking areas, with the largest holding 181 cars. Note there is a height limit of 2.1m. You can then catch the free bus back up to Ardent. Link to parking in Morzine

Reberty – Family Ski Company has spaces allocated in a private underground car park situated between Chalets Genevieve and Claudia, and we recommend that you prebook a car park space with us if you are driving. Parking is limited so please book your space early. There is also street parking is available for free, but as this is unsheltered, you may be digging your car out at the end of the week. Don’t worry if that is the case we will give you a helping hand.

Les Coches – Unfortunately, you cant park outside the Chalets, otherwise you’d be on the piste itself. There is street parking available just below the Chalet, but it is not covered. There is a covered parking area below the tourist office in Les Coches. There are only 20 spaces, so book early to avoid disappointment. Link to website

Electric Cars

More and more people are going green and driving electric vehicles, and we are increasingly asked about the viability of driving them to resort.

It is becoming increasingly easy to drive to our resorts in electric cars. Longer range electric vehicles, shorter charging times and increased charging points are all a factor. Infact, major European carmakers have merged forces and created Ionity, a new fast charging network for Europe with the aim of making travelling the continent in an EV as easy as it is in a petrol or diesel car. They have released a guide on Electric Travel in Europe.

A great app for finding charging points for your journey or whilst nipping around the resorts is Chargemaps.

Electric Charging in resort

Ardent – There are a couple of options in Morzine:
75 Taille du Grand Mas – two charging points.
Palais des Sports – two charging points.

Reberty – There are charging stations at:

Freshmile Charging Station (9 min drive)

Les Belleville Charging Station (4 min drive)

Les Coches – Make sure to leave enough charge as you’ll have to drive to Bourg-Saint Maurice

New Motion Charging station (21mins)

Shell Recharge Charging Station (20mins)


Click here to download directions to each resort.

Useful Links

When choosing the best way to get to the Alps with your family, travelling by rail may be an option. Why not combine it with an overnight stay in Paris on Saturday night, to break up the journey. 

This could be a very nice way to start your family holiday, and it has the added advantage that you can arrive earlier in your resort on Sunday, to make the most of your time in the Alps.

Advantages of travelling by train:

  • You can relax, watch the countryside roll past, and arrive feeling fresh
  • No extra charges for skis/snowboards or for extra luggage
  • Possibility of including an overnight stay in Paris on the way out
  • Under 4’s can travel free though they aren’t allocated a seat. 
  • For children up to the age of 11, there is a discounted child fare
  • Very short transfer times

(Train timetables will be published around October half term for the coming season, however from experience they are always within +/- 7 minutes of previous years)


Getting there

Jump on the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Paris, Gare du Nord. Eurostar has trains nearly every hour on Saturdays and Sundays.  The most popular service departs at around 8am, arriving in Paris Gare Nord at around 11:17am.

If you are travelling in one day, allow an hour for the change from Gare du Nord to Gare du Lyon. To speed things up, you can buy the RER metro tickets from the bar on the Eurostar.

We recommend an overnight stay in Paris on Saturday night, and then catching one of the Sunday morning trains from Paris Gare du Lyon.

Watch a video here for further details on changing stations in Paris.


For Reberty and Les Coches

TGV trains depart at around 7am, 8am, 9am, arriving in Moutiers (for Reberty) around 12.30pm, 13:30pm and 14:30pm. The train continues on to Bourg St Maurice (for Les Coches).  

The stations are close to our resorts, resulting in a much shorter transfer to your chalet, approx 45 mins from Moutiers to Reberty and 20 minutes from Bourg St Maurice to Les Coches.


For Ardent 

Take the TGV from Paris Gare du Lyon to Geneva. The train departing at around 08:15 is fast, arriving at around 11.30am. Departures every 2 hours thereafter. 

You will need to catch an additional train or Uber to Geneva Airport. Then make your way to the Airport Arrivals hall (nearby) where you can catch one of our included transfers to the resort. Your train needs to arrive by 4pm, in order to make our last transfer at 5pm. Geneva to Ardent is 1.5 hours.


Why We Don’t Recommend the Overnight Train Service

When looking into rail journeys to the mountains, you will also notice that there is an overnight train service. For families with young children we wouldn’t recommend this route for a couple of important reasons. 

Firstly, there aren’t any beds or couchettes; the seats recline slightly but you won’t manage to get a good night’s sleep. Not an ideal start to your week in the snow. 

Secondly you will arrive in France very early in the morning – about 6am. We can’t offer you transfers to resorts this early, and we can’t even make you welcome in your chalet because the previous week’s guests may still be there, probably enjoying breakfast before they head home.


Returning from the Alps to London St Pancras

Our free transfers can get you back to the same stations for trains departing on Sundays after 8am and before 5pm. 

There are direct trains to Paris, and then you change stations from Gare du Lyon to Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar back to London.


To book your trains we suggest you contact Fas from Trains Europe, he is really helpful and his contact details are: 

Site: trainseurope.co.uk   Email:  fas@trainseurope.co.uk   Tel:  01354 660222

Or you can contact Oui SNCF or Eurostar for more details.

Please click here for more info on our free transfer service to and from these stations.

We recommend allowing at least an hour and a half to two hours to change between trains at Paris Gare du Nord and Paris Gare du Lyon, which is about 20 minutes on the metro or about 20-25 minutes by Uber.


As a child, my parents took me for one night to Lapland on Christmas Eve. The sight of snow, husky rides through the forest and a reindeer trek to meet Santa was the ultimate Christmas experience and it is easily one of my favourite memories of my childhood.
Whilst our resorts might not be the home of Santa, and there aren’t quite as many reindeer in the Alps as Lapland, everything I experienced there is available to do at each of our resorts, even Santa likes to make an appearance (Unfortunately, you’ll have to substitute the reindeer for a pony, but that’s nothing a set of fake antlers won’t fix). 

Christmas Day 2017 – Santa dropping off some presents for the very excited kids 

There are so many other advantages of choosing to Ski over Christmas other than providing the little ones a trip of a lifetime;

Whilst the rest of your family and friends are dreaming of a white Christmas and stepping outside into the miserable British rain on Christmas morning. You could be zooming down the snow covered pistes or be sitting in your hot tub overlooking the beautiful snow capped mountains whilst your host prepares your breakfast for you. 

View from Chalet Genevieve hot tub – 2017

Now, this is a big one for me, whilst I might love cooking Christmas dinner (I can be quite fussy if it’s not done just right), I abhor washing up. Not only will your chalet host provide you with a proper Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, there’s no washing up either. Normally you pay a hefty price for the privilege of having someone cook and clean up for you, especially on Christmas day. My small ‘locals’ village pub charges £90pp for Christmas dinner, which even for a small family is more than the price of flights to get here. 

One of the other advantages is time off. The kids are off school for the winter holidays and most people have at least 2 days off for Christmas and the lucky ones get a couple more, meaning more holiday days saved for the rest of the year. Half term weeks are always the more expensive option, as parents with older children aren’t taking their kids out of school limiting them to the half terms and inflating prices across the board.  However, Christmas rates are typically quite a lot cheaper than other half term holidays. In fact, this season (22/23) our Christmas week is 8 nights long instead of 7 and still works out substantially cheaper than a 7 night holiday in February half term. 

Honestly, at least to me, this is a Christmas experience you have to try at least once in your life, and your kids will certainly remember it and thank you for it for years to come.


The first week of the season

Don’t let preconceived notions fool you, the first week of the season is often one of the best. 

Most people tend to believe that the first few weeks and the last few weeks of the season are bad for snow, and this can be the case in some resorts, but we have carefully selected our resorts over the last 25 years to minimise this risk and in fact for the 25 plus years we have been skiing there the run has been open and skiable from the very beginning to the end of the season apart from three days fifteen years ago. 

A member of our sales team always travels the first week of the season and has never been disappointed by a lack of snow. It was only a few seasons ago that her coach had to be escorted up the mountain as the snow was so thick.

Morning of the 13th Dec 21 – Piste bashers clearing the way for the coach        

Morning of the 13th Dec 21 – Ardent Village

This week has always been the most affordable week to go. Accommodation prices are at their lowest, often quite significantly, and as the resorts are just opening up again for the new season, you can get discounted lift passes, and often get great deals on equipment hire to boot. 

The resorts are also at their quietest during this week, which means no shoulder barging to get to the bar for Après Ski, no queues for the lifts and fantastically quiet pistes allowing you to practice your potentially rusty skills without the risk of wiping people out. We often have even better staff ratios for childcare during this week as well (Even though we have always exceeded OFSTED guidelines for child to staff ratios on any given week) 

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, this year (22/23) the first week of the season is 8 nights instead of 7.

So it’s even more bang for your buck!


The Last week of the season

Altitude is often considered a major factor for how long the snow sticks around, whilst this is certainly true, there are a multitude of factors that impact the amount of snow on the mountains. Ardent sits at just 1200m, but achieves a snow sure rating of 5/5. The orientation and subset of the slopes play a huge role. Ardent is in a sheltered north-west facing valley and a rock base keeps the snow cold. In recent years snow-making has become more and more widespread as resorts invest heavily to make sure key runs are skiable. And as stated earlier we haven’t had to close a resort early in the 25+ years we’ve been operating. Our seasonaires stay out a few weeks after the end of our season, and typically enjoy skiing right up until the day they leave. 

Ardent: 12th of April. – Chalet Grolets

Sitting 600 metres below Avoriaz, the main run remains skiable until the end of the season

Whilst the last week isn’t as cheap as the first week, mainly because of the Easter holidays, the resorts tend to offer similar offers on lift passes and equipment hire as the season starts to wind down. There are tons of events on around all 3 resorts as well, as businesses fight for the last bits of trade for the year. 


Middle of January and March

If you’re looking for quiet, affordable and consistent ski conditions, then the middle of January or March are definitely the right choice for you. This is when I always look to go away skiing.

As you can imagine, we are quite busy here in the office at the start and the end of the season, so this limits my preferred weeks. But January and March (specifically the middle weeks) are often just as good.
Whilst you don’t get the same offers on lift passes and equipment hire during these weeks, and Santa won’t be making an appearance, you do get a lot of the other perks.

Reberty Village Centre – January 2018

At the start of January you have the overlap with new years guests, resorts are still busy as people use the bank holidays to their advantage to maximise their time off. The end of January and the first week of march overlap with half term holidays, and the end of March is the overlap into the Easter holidays. The French split their half terms across the country into multiple weeks, so the resorts are busier the weeks either side of our half terms in the UK.

Going in the middle of these two months will not only save you a considerable amount on flights and accommodation, as you would be travelling outside of the peak weeks, the resorts are far quieter. You get all the benefits of skiing at the height of the season, without the queues. Whilst it is of course a very individual decision our director’s have always taken their children out of school unless it was not sensible.

If you can avoid the peak weeks, do!

Reberty is part of Les Menuires which is part of the larger Les Trois Vallees. Reberty is a small village with a lovely restaurant (La Ferme), a ski hire shop and a small Sherpa supermarket.

For those wishing to have an exciting day away from the slopes or a relaxed afternoon after a hard morning’s ski, you can access the rest of Les Trois Vallees via the Inter-district shuttle buses that run from Reberty 2000. Inter-village shuttle buses run between the 3 resorts in the valley Saint Martin, Les Menuires and Val Thorens. 


There are various indoor activities available in Reberty to keep you out of the cold and thoroughly entertained or relaxed. There are swimming pools, spas and wellness centres, basketball courts, cinemas, squash courts, tennis courts, table tennis, escape games and more which you can book in advance or just turn up to.

For day trips or outings, you can: 

Meet a mountain farmer Valentin, the farm manager during the summer, will welcome you to the Arbé (a former chalet). He will tell you how his mountain pasture works, what life is like with his animals, and the history of Nicolas JAY’s family. The visit will end with a tasting of his cheeses and 2 Savoy wines.

Museums – Located in the heart of the village, in an old farmhouse, the Museum of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville traces 150 years of history of the Vallée des Belleville. An amazing story that describes how this almost self-sufficient mountain village became a tourist destination.


Here are just some of the outdoor options Reberty and the surrounding areas have to offer:

Igloo Building – The igloo building session starts with a sledging run down to base camp. The children then go to work on building the igloo in which they will later enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Return trip by cable car.

Pony Sledging – An unusual little ride for the youngest, with a pony held on the lead by an accompanying adult.

Axe Throwing – You don’t have to be a barbarian to throw axes. To hit your target, you will have to find the balance between strength and finesse. For a unique moment of sharing between friends.

Dog Sledge Ride – Dany and his team of dogs offer dog sledge rides, in the heart of the wintry environment between Les Menuires and Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

Guided Snowshoe HikeLed by an instructor or guide, discover some of the most beautiful walks in the valley, on snowshoes. Every day a new snowshoeing route is suggested to reveal all the richness of the Belleville heritage.

Ice Rink A lovely way to spend quality time and create lasting memories with family or friends. Located at Place Péclet in the central upper part of the resort, it opened its doors to welcome young and old during the winter season of 2021/2022. A great opportunity to try out a new sport or relive an experience filled with nostalgic memories; one thing is sure: fun and joy are on the menu!

Rail Luge Speed Mountain – A luge on rails with twists and raised turns for a thrilling descent. You control your speed with the side brakes. 

Microlight and Paragliding  – Take to the sky for a bird’s eye view of the valley and admire the Alps in all their immensity on your first paragliding experience or take in the exceptional views and fly over the Vallée des Belleville aboard a microlight. 

Roc’n’bob Sledging – Experience once again those childhood sensations on a 4km snowy slope with 22 bends and a 450-metre elevation drop. The Roc’n Bob experience is a magical moment to share with family or friends.

Snowmobile – At nightfall, when the ski slopes have closed, take the controls of a new-generation snowmobile for a silent ride of about an hour in the company of a guide.

Ice Driving – Learn how to control your car in the ice on the highest altitude circuit in europe. Take out go-karts, SSV’s, 4WD and 2WD Cars and test your skills drifting around the ice track. 

The Tyrolienne( Zipline) A glide over 1300 m… 1 minute 45 seconds of pure pleasure in breathtaking surroundings, from the 3 Valleys peak at 3230 m, at the top of the Bouchet chairlift in the Orelle resort, over to the Val Thorens crest, at 3000 m, at the top of the Thorens Funitel. Travelling at over 100Kmh you’ll feel like a bird of prey soaring over the snow capped mountain.

Les Coches is a beautiful little village with all the amenities you could wish for in a ski resort. It has a small supermarket which is well-stocked so you can pick up anything you may have overlooked in your pre-holiday packing frenzy! The village also boasts a couple of bars and restaurants, ideal for that well-earned après-ski! The village of Montchavin which you can access on skis or by a very short ride on a shuttle bus offers further options for bars, restaurants and shops. It’s also home to the Espace Paradisio where you can have a swim or try out the sauna, Turkish bath or massage options. Montchavin also has a cinema and a Night Club!

There are various indoor activities available in Les Coches to keep you out of the cold and thoroughly entertained or relaxed. There are swimming pools, basketball courts, cinemas, squash courts, tennis courts, table tennis, escape games and more which you can book in advance or just turn up to.

Here are some of the other options Les Coches and the surrounding areas have to offer:

Spas and wellness retreats – Nothing better to help those sore legs than relaxing in your chalets hot tubs after a long days skiing. If that doesn’t quite do the trick then head down to one of the spas for a ski massage or a dip in a heated pool or sauna

Ice Grotto – The Ice Grotto in La Plagne is not to be missed, with beautiful ice sculptures it is a fun and beautiful experience for everyone. Located at the top of the Plagne Bellecote glacier at 3417 m, you can explore the ice cave and grotto and enjoy the wonderfully sculpted animals and ice statues.

Husky Sledging – Be in charge of your own sledge and team of excitable husky dogs, driving them along forest paths in winter. After a brief explanation of how to make your team stop and start, you set off following the guide’s team. There are also child-dedicated rides.

Sledging – This is one winter activity that doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment, just grab your sledge and head for the nearest snow-covered hill! You can usually hire sledges from any of the ski hire shops in the area for as little as €5

Snowshoeing –  Or, as the French call them, “raquettes à neige”, is a perfect activity for bad weather conditions and a wonderful way for non-skiers to explore the mountains in and around La Plagne. Either set out on your own or join a group led by a knowledgeable local guide and discover the hidden parts of the ski area. The trails will take you to places from where you can enjoy stunning views or explore forests where local fauna such as chamois, wild goats and deer roam free. 

Ice Skating – There are a number of places you can go Ice-skating in La Plagne. It’s a fun thing to do with the family, or in a group if you want to do something a little bit different for apres ski. There is an artificial covered ice-rink in Les Coches you’ve got an artificial covered rink which is open in winter every Tuesday and Wednesday but only during the school holidays. It’s at the top of the Montchavin gondola. There is also an open-air skating rink in Plagne Centre.

Glacier WalkingFor a truly unique experience, clamp on your crampons and go hiking on one of the many nearby glaciers; the Glacier de la Chiaupe and the Glacier du Varet and the Bellecote glacier to name a few. The breathtaking views and spectacular crevasses make this an incredible adventure.

Bobsleigh – If you are in La Plagne it is a must to try out the Olympic Bobsleigh run! You will not be disappointed in this thrilling activity that lets you become an Olympian for a few speedy moments down a windy bobsleigh track. Open every day of the week (except Mondays) throughout the winter season and with three different ways to race down the Olympic track it is thrilling, exciting and fun for everyone. 

Super Luge – For something a little different, have a  go at Superluge with Oxygene! An hour and a half and 450 metres of vertical descent with state of the art sledges, you are promised to have an awesome time.

ZiplineThe Cascade de Tyrolienne, with a total of eight ziplines between 110 & 200m in length and a base jump to round off your visit, you are sure to find some adrenaline packed fun here.

Accessed via the pistes, why not try the Super Tyro, a 600m zipline descent where you can reach speeds of up to 90km/h. Giving you views over the Mont Blanc Massif, taking you through quiet forests and bringing you back down to the village of La Plagne, this activity offers you a very different perspective.

Snowmobiles,Skidoos, Moonbikes and Swincar ridesTake to the slopes and the forests in one of the many vehicles available to hire in La Plagne. Combining nature and motorsports for an incredible Apres-Ski experience. 

Paragliding If you’ve never tried paragliding before then La Plagne is a great place to learn how to fly. Known as “parapenting” in France & Switzerland, there are a great number of clubs and organisations in the area whose sole purpose is give you the experience of flying. 

Helicopter toursSit back and admire the mountains from even higher up! Daily panoramic helicopter flights are available (weather permitting) with a number of local flight companies. Relax and enjoy the stunning views as you fly over the snow capped mountain tops, glaciers and alpine forests.  

Ardent is a beautiful hamlet nestled in-between the mountains, with no shops other than a couple offering ski hire. It does have a lively bar offering après-ski drinks, snacks and light lunches and the Cosy Bar next door has a more relaxed bar and restaurant for lunch and is a popular and very convenient dinner venue with our guests on cooks’ night off.

There are free buses that will take you to Montriond, Morzine and Lac de Montriond, where there is far more on offer.

Cosy bar 

For those that want to enjoy all that winter in the alps has to offer, but don’t want to ski, there is plenty to choose from;

Markets If you fancy trying a little bit of the local cuisine whilst you’re Morzine, then I would make sure you pay a visit to the weekly market which runs throughout the year. There are loads of stalls selling fantastic local produce including cheese, meats, and sweet treats. There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to souvenirs and gifts, if you’re looking to take some little presents back with you. The market takes place every Wednesday morning and is in the Carrefour car park in the centre of Morzine.

Horse Carriage rides In Morzine and Avoriaz up to 6 people can have a ride in a horse-drawn carriage around the resort starting at 15€ and up to 90€. Starting at the Tourist Office, the ride takes you through the whole village, showing you the old town, the different hamlets around Morzine or even up to lake Montriond.


Igloo Dining Experience In Morzine, you can have dinner inside an igloo after a short 30-45 minutes walk. A guide will accompany you and you’ll enjoy a delicious cheese fondue surrounded by ice before heading back down. Anyone over 8 years of age can take part. 

Swimming and Waterparks Aquariaz, in Avoriaz, is a bit of a modern wonder. It is a tropical leisure centre situated at 1800m with real vegetation from tropics around the world. A great afternoon activity for the kids, with whirlpools, a 10 metre half-pipe slide and 30c water. There’s also an outdoor hot tub and whirlpool bath with gorgeous views over the valley. By foot, head to Morzine and take the bus up to Avoriaz, its hard to miss. Or by Skis, you can use the lift systems up to Avoriaz, from where you can see Aquariaz

SnowshoeingHalf day snowshoeing excursion suitable for all the family An ideal activity to bring your family and friends together while getting closer to nature. Every trail is an adventure and they offer various trails and hikes around Morzine. Their qualified instructors will safely guide you to awesome sites and will share their knowledge about the area, the fauna and flora along the way.

Husky Sledging–  Be in charge of your own sledge and team of excitable husky dogs, driving them along forest paths in winter. After a brief explanation of how to make your team stop and start, you set off following the guide’s team. There are also child-dedicated rides. 

Snowmobile/Skidoo Those who enjoy speed will love riding a powerful snowmobile (like a motorbike with caterpillar tracks) around Morzine. Discover the different dimensions of driving: carving turns, accelerating in a straight line, ascents and descents. Snowmobiles are a great way to explore Morzine especially as you get to ride them when the resort is at its quietest. Disappear into the woods and blast around empty snowfields on your scooter with your own guide.

For the more adventurous

Ice Lake Diving Plunge into the freezing waters of Lac Montriond and experience the thrill of diving under the icy layers above. Explore the beautiful water, the wildlife and ice formations found in the water.

Heliskiing  For backcountry adventures, this independent company operates in and around the following three heliski destinations: Valgrisenche, The Courmayeur Valley and the Col de Petit St Bernard Pass. They have pioneered 32 drop zones within these three broad valley regions giving you a huge choice of terrain, snow conditions and mountain orientation to ensure you have a day best suited to your ability and preferences.

These are the steps we have put in place to make it as safe and easy as we can for guests to enjoy their holidays.

  • All staff are tested twice each week. 
  • Masks are  worn by FSC staff and external contractors in all indoor spaces
  • Resort Managers will ensure all guests (over 12) who enter our chalets provide proof of vaccination or negative covid results as per the regulations at the time in France. For those between 12 and 18 with a single vaccination must complete an antigen test every 24 hours)
  • When a positive case is confirmed FSC will follow all French regulations at the time of the positive test, isolating until they test negative on day 5 
  • It is not currently necessary for guests to wear masks whilst in our chalets 
  • Staff and guests to ensure appropriate ventilation in chalets by opening a window in common areas. A small gap is enough to keep air moving and reduce risk.  


  • Guests over the age of 12 must wear a mask for the full duration of their FSC transfer as per French and Swiss regulations.
  • Staff will wear a mask for the full duration of the FSC transfer as per Swiss and French regulations.
  • FSC staff will check all passengers over 12 years and 2 months for proof of vaccination or negative covid test (within 24 hours) onboard all coach transfers. 
  • Passengers not carrying proof of vaccination or negative covid test will not be able to travel.
  • In the case of no vaccination or positive covid result, FSC will endeavour to assist the client with alternative arrangements but cannot  be responsible for them. 

If a guest tests positive or becomes ill

In the event of a guest becoming positive in resort they will be required to follow the current French guidelines of isolating for 7 days or 5 if they have a negative test on the 5th day. They must isolate in their room and any family member in contact with them must be tested daily. Guests must be covered for if they catch covid before or during their holidays. In the event of a guest being unable to travel home due to COVID insurance will come into play. We will endeavour to help with transport and additional accommodation at the end of the holiday week, using our tour operator SBIT network for spare accommodation for example, but we cannot be responsible for making such arrangements.

If a large number of staff are affected

We don’t think it will prove necessary, but should an outbreak of COVID-19 seriously disrupt staffing levels and we are unable to provide full service our first action will be to reduce the morning service for guests to contactless. All breakfast items will be made available in the chalet and a team will come in after guests depart the chalet in the morning to clean and put out afternoon tea. This should safeguard delivery of all other aspects of our service.