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Family Ski Transfer Service

Planes, trains or automobiles, you decide!

To take advantage of our complimentary transfer service, either fly into Geneva or get the train to a mountain station. Our transfers are direct to your resort – no tedious drop-offs on the way.

You can also fly to Lyon, Chambéry or Grenoble and take a private transfer. Flight price differences and convenience can make this a cost effective option.

You can drive too, which gives you the freedom to break your journey up, or not! 


Our holidays run from Sunday to Sunday.

Check in is at 4pm for all our Chalets.

Give us a call on 01684 540333 or email us and we will happily go through the best options for you and your family.  Don’t forget, each member of our Sales Team has been on our holidays with their own children, so we can give you real advice!

By plane

Flights and transfers:

Points to note:

  • You book your own flights, meaning you can fly from your local airport at a civilised time of day – not daft o’clock from a distant airport.
  • Included in your accommodation price is a free return transfer service which operates to and from Geneva airport, flights are not included.
  • When researching flights to Geneva, please refer to our transfer timings below. If you have any questions on which flights to book, do contact us.
  • You can also choose to fly to Lyon, Chambéry or Grenoble and we will organise a private transfer for you – often a great option for more convenient and often cheaper flights as well as the personal service. See “Private Transfers” in the tab below.
  • Our flight guide will help you find your flights
Geneva Transfer Times
Staying in Ardent:
To resort – Flights must land in GVA by 12am, 2pm or 4pm Check in for our Chalets is 4pm
Back to Geneva – Flights must depart GVA after 11am or 1.30pm
Staying in Reberty:
To resort – Flights must land in GVA by 1pm or 3.30pm Check in for our Chalets is 4pm
Back to Geneva – Flights must depart GVA after 1.30pm

PLEASE READ – Useful information on flights and included transfers from Geneva!

To resort:

  • Transfers usually leave an hour after the above ‘To resort’ cut-off times, but this is wholly dependent on guest flight timings and those events out of our control. If we can leave earlier, we will do so, but sometimes we need to leave later. Our staff in the airport will keep you informed.
  • If your flight lands early into Geneva, at say 9am, please be aware you will have to wait until the first transfer leaves.
  • If your flight arrival is delayed beyond the point that we can reasonably delay the transfer departure we will assist you as best we can, putting you on a later transfer if available and assisting with alternative transfer arrangements if necessary. This has happened very rarely but we will not be liable for the costs of these arrangements and you should make sure that your insurance covers you.
  • All transfers are subject to Geneva Airport Authority regulations which may affect transfer departure times, and are out of our control.

If you have any questions regarding which flights to book, particularly if they are outside our transfer timings, call us on 01684 540333, we’re here to help!

TOP TIP: try flying into Geneva on Saturday afternoon/evening. Stay at an airport hotel, have a relaxing evening, and simply get the hotel shuttle bus back to Arrivals on the Sunday. We can even confirm the time to be back at Arrivals for – a far less stressful travel day! Also remember that you can use a different airline for each journey, it will often work out cheaper and you may find better timings too.

Back to Geneva:

  • We aim to get you back to Geneva airport approx 2 hours prior to the above mentioned ‘Flights must depart GVA after’ times, as you are likely to need this time to get through security and check-in prior to your flight departure.
  • If you book a flight that departs before the cut-off time, the flight is entirely at your own risk and you may be asked to sign a disclaimer whilst in resort.
  • We are not responsible if you miss your flight home, so please make sure you have adequate insurance.

Even though Sunday transfers are much easier than on Saturday we still have to build in a margin of safety for Alpine weather and traffic conditions which means all goes well you can find yourself arriving earlier at the airport. We plan transfers weekly and we do take the opportunity to make resort departures a little later if guests’ flight times permit but we have to be as sure as possible that all our guests catch their flights comfortably.

General notes for all resorts:

All transfers can be affected by many factors including the weather, traffic, authority restrictions, delayed flights and the Geneva Airport Authorities, hence why we can only give you approximate times.

If guests’ flights allow, we will try to arrange for our guests to be collected from the airport sooner, but this can not be guaranteed.

By train

Trains and transfers:

If you are staying in Reberty, you can arrive in the Alps by train, changing at Paris. It is a lovely, enjoyable way to travel with children – check out our video. The stations are close to our resorts, resulting in a much shorter transfer to your chalet, approx 20-45mins pending on your chalet location.

Our free return transfer service is included:

Train Transfer Times
To resort – either get to Bourg-St-Maurice (for Les Coches) or Moutiers (for Reberty) stations between the hours of 10am to 5pm on the Sunday.
To the station – we can get you back to the same stations for trains departing Sunday, after 8am and before 5pm.

You’ll find this link useful and Snowcarbon provides you with detailed info on trains too! Oui SNCF is needed to book your train tickets.

If you require a private transfer to or from the station, this can be arranged and paid for prior to travel, see Private Transfer section below.


By car

Travel by car:

We have guests who prefer to drive to resort, spreading the journey over a couple of days or doing it in one hit.  This link gives you access to useful information including directions to resort and ferry/EuroTunnel information.

Formal check-in time is from 4pm and check-out is by 10am latest.

We will ask for your ETA prior to departure, so staff are there to welcome you on your arrival.

Private transfers - widen your airport choice and private train transfers

Private transfers:

Whether you want to travel privately or you just want to get to resort sooner, we can organise a private transfer at an additional cost. This gives you a wider choice of arrival airports with more convenient flight times and possibly cheaper flights. Give us a call or email us and we can discuss your options. Payment must be received prior to booking the private transfer.

Prices, when confirmed, are based on the size of vehicle, and per journey. We still need confirmation for some transfer prices from providers, but ask us if interested. Times are traffic-free based on google maps  and indicative only. Journey times will be longer, especially travelling in winter, though our Sunday Transfers do a lot to minimise traffic jams. In choosing your destination airport consider the following:

  1. Geneva is the large international hub with the most flight choice and facilities including international connections. Our Sunday transfer avoids the Saturday crowds and makes for a more stress free experience all round. Almost always the best choice for Ardent.
  2. Lyon is a regional international airport with flights to UK regional airports possible but fewer options than Geneva. It is about the same transfer time as Geneva and a good option if the flights are cheaper or more convenient.
  3. Grenoble a small regional airport close to the big Savoie ski resorts including the Three Valleys (Reberty) and Paradiski (Les Coches) among others. Very busy on Saturdays and little flight choice but an option if there is a convenient flight and you will avoid the rush travelling on Sunday.

Below prices are for the 22/23 Season 

Please note that transfers between the 12th-26th of February are subject to an additional charge of £20 each way.

TRAVELLING BY PLANE: (£one way/£two way)

Geneva to Ardent: 1hr 30 87km 
1 to 4 persons @ £295/£590
5 to 8 persons @ £345/£690

Geneva to Les Coches or Reberty: 2hr 20 193km
1 to 4 persons @ £390/£780 (one way/two way)
5 to 8 persons @ £450/£900

Lyon/Grenoble to Les Coches or Reberty: 2hr 10 190km
1 to 4 persons @ £440/£880
5 to 8 persons @ £500/£1000

More info

Why a Sunday to Sunday holiday?

This offers big advantages for our guests travelling with children, as airports and roads are generally quieter making for a smoother journey to resort. Flights are generally cheaper too and you will enjoy quieter slopes on Saturdays, as most skiers are en-route to/from the airport. This has been possible because our ski school partners have agreed to start lessons for our families on Mondays and finish them on the following Saturday meaning your skiing experience will be just as good. This is quite unusual in our experience and only possible because of our strong ties with these trusted partners.

Continue to our FAQ page for more useful travel and transfer information.

For additional peace of mind, we give you the contact details of our Travel Day Transfer Coordinator, who is on hand on your travel day to help with any questions or issues you may have.