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Ski School Helpers

Our Ski School Helper is an invaluable part of our childcare and a source of support and encouragement for the youngest children skiing for the first time.

Some of the most enthusiastic and grateful comments from our guests are about our Ski School Helper who co-ordinates all our children’s ski lessons.

The Ski School Helper:

  • is a friendly face each morning
  • encourages the youngest and least able children skiing
  • is based in the beginner’s area – the ‘Jardin de Neige’
  • co-ordinates children’s ski lessons with the Ski School
  • provides feedback and advice to parents skiing with children
  • hosts the ski presentation on Saturday

The Ski School Helper will meet children and parents on the first evening, and during the week, will discuss with instructors how each child is progressing and report back to parents.

Although Ski School Helpers are not teachers and will not ski with all children skiing with Family Ski, they are a familiar face each morning and can help resolve any issues which may arise during the week. Their support is so important that their day off is covered by another member of the team.

The Ski School Helper stays with the youngest children skiing to help them get the most out of their first experience on snow. Whether it is telling jokes before the lesson, blowing a runny nose or just giving them an encouraging smile, the Ski School Helper can play an important part in children’s first ski holiday.

Later in the week, most children will have a ski test and the Ski School Helper will host a small ceremony to present any badges and ski certificates – it’s a great time for all the family.

The Ski School Helper is a great idea not offered by many other companies but it really made a big difference.

Phillips party, Chalet Les Grolets

My five year old was up every morning really looking forward to getting out skiing, that was what I was hoping for.

Bernard family, Chalet Genevieve

Little touches such as the Ski School Helper really made the holiday a lot easier and more successful for us.

Perry family, Chalet Les Arolles