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How to pick the right Family Ski Company

Here at Family Ski, we are very used to welcoming families who might have had a bad experience before coming to us, and so, from their feedback we have compiled the following tips for you.

We recommend smaller, independently owned companies that specialise in Skiing Holidays for Families. Independent companies have a personal touch; when you chat to them, ensure that the sales team really know the ski chalets and childcare clubs that they can better help you choose.

Make sure you get week-long childcare for the whole of your skiing holiday. Many companies will have a day when no childcare is provided during your holiday, this is impractical and will often fall midweek when your kids are not yet skiing confidently enough to ski with their parents.

Chalets located in family friendly villages are perfect for family holidays in the Alps. Avoid large hotels in the centre of large ski resorts, whilst these are great for other skiing occasions, they are not best suited for Family Ski Holidays.

The single most important element in your ski holiday with your children is their introduction to skiing and Ski Lessons. Ensure that the company you choose understand the importance of children learning to ski and have staff in the ski lessons with the kids. Beware of companies that simply take the children to ski school and do not stay in the lesson with the youngest and most inexperienced skiers in their lesson.

Food. Just because you have chosen a family ski company, does not mean that you can’t have a great experience too, hot tubs, fires and fantastic food are all essential elements in ensuring the entire family have a great ski holiday.