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Our Covid Management Policy

These are the steps we have put in place to make it as safe and easy as we can for guests to enjoy their holidays.

  • All staff are tested twice each week. 
  • Masks are  worn by FSC staff and external contractors in all indoor spaces
  • Resort Managers will ensure all guests (over 12) who enter our chalets provide proof of vaccination or negative covid results as per the regulations at the time in France. For those between 12 and 18 with a single vaccination must complete an antigen test every 24 hours)
  • When a positive case is confirmed FSC will follow all French regulations at the time of the positive test, isolating until they test negative on day 5 
  • It is not currently necessary for guests to wear masks whilst in our chalets 
  • Staff and guests to ensure appropriate ventilation in chalets by opening a window in common areas. A small gap is enough to keep air moving and reduce risk.  


  • Guests over the age of 12 must wear a mask for the full duration of their FSC transfer as per French and Swiss regulations.
  • Staff will wear a mask for the full duration of the FSC transfer as per Swiss and French regulations.
  • FSC staff will check all passengers over 12 years and 2 months for proof of vaccination or negative covid test (within 24 hours) onboard all coach transfers. 
  • Passengers not carrying proof of vaccination or negative covid test will not be able to travel.
  • In the case of no vaccination or positive covid result, FSC will endeavour to assist the client with alternative arrangements but cannot  be responsible for them. 

If a guest tests positive or becomes ill

In the event of a guest becoming positive in resort they will be required to follow the current French guidelines of isolating for 7 days or 5 if they have a negative test on the 5th day. They must isolate in their room and any family member in contact with them must be tested daily. Guests must be covered for if they catch covid before or during their holidays. In the event of a guest being unable to travel home due to COVID insurance will come into play. We will endeavour to help with transport and additional accommodation at the end of the holiday week, using our tour operator SBIT network for spare accommodation for example, but we cannot be responsible for making such arrangements.

If a large number of staff are affected

We don’t think it will prove necessary, but should an outbreak of COVID-19 seriously disrupt staffing levels and we are unable to provide full service our first action will be to reduce the morning service for guests to contactless. All breakfast items will be made available in the chalet and a team will come in after guests depart the chalet in the morning to clean and put out afternoon tea. This should safeguard delivery of all other aspects of our service.