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Health and Safety Document

Family Ski want you to enjoy the thrill keeping harm to nil.

A skiing holiday in the winter of the French Alps is a great experience and we know that you will have a fantastic time with us. In order to ensure your safety in this magical environment, please take note of, and alert all your party to the following areas of potential risk:


Pathways in the Alps are in an ever changing state. Be prepared to experience the following conditions: Deep snow, ice, black ice, uneven surfaces, wet and slippery surfaces, variations in height, trajectory and surfaces. Please always be aware of the possibility of snow falling from rooves of buildings onto people, cars or equipment. Remain vigilant of vehicles which have reduced control in winter conditions. Also be aware of snow clearing equipment and vehicles which can travel quickly and ‘throw’ snow, sometimes a great distance.


Our chalets range from the purpose built to renovated older buildings therefore we ask you to appraise yourselves of the property upon arrival and note any potential risks. These might include, but not exclusively: steep stairs, low structures such as low roofs or beams and windows fitted with older (non safety) glass.

Some of our chalets have fireplaces which are either ‘open’ or ‘closed’ in both cases the structure of the fireplace or stove as well as the chimney element can get very hot and are therefore dangerous to touch or approach in an uncontrolled manner.

Many chalets are fitted with electric heaters and heated towel rails. These must never be used to dry clothing of any sort or any other object. This is a serious fire risk.

The Hot water in our properties can sometimes run at a high temperature therefore you are advised to act with caution when running the hot taps.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Family Ski understands the challenges facing some of our guests who struggle with food allergies and have to manage food sensitivities. It’s essential that you advise us when you book of any allergies or intolerances suffered by you or any member of your party. We will then make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction and ensure they are not included in the food served to you.

However there is always risk of contamination as, in our kitchens, we use products such as milk, eggs, gluten, seafood, nuts, sesame seeds and capsicum, although we have strict cross contamination policies; we cannot guarantee a total absence of these products in any of our food. Guests with food allergies must be aware of this risk. Family Ski will not assume any liability for adverse reactions from the food consumed.

Hot Tubs/Jacuzzis and Saunas

Please note that under French law children under the age of 16 are not permitted to enter a sauna.

Children under 16 wishing to use the Jacuzzi or hot tub must have adult supervision at all times and do so at their own risk.

Our hot tubs are maintained twice a day by our team who will instruct you as to their operation on your arrival. You will also be shown a list of ‘rules’ to follow in order to maintain the good operation and hygiene of the hot tubs. You, and your party are asked to read and to follow this information. We ask you not to use any shampoos, soaps or gels. These are all strictly forbidden as they cause problems with filtration and water purity, and usually result in closure of the Jacuzzi for deep cleaning and maintenance.

Our hot tubs are sometimes located outside of our chalets on areas of decking as such and in order to maintain both safety and the good hygiene of the equipment, it is essential that you wear correct footwear on your approach and return from the hot tub. You will be wet when exiting the hot tub and the decking will be slippery as a result. Therefore take every precaution upon your exit.


Both sledging and snowball fights can be fun activities in this environment, however both carry potential risks. Please proceed with extreme care if you choose to partake in these activities.

Snowballs can be very solid and cause real damage upon impact with persons, cars or other objects. When sledging choose an appropriate area, be aware of dangers under the snow such as rivers or barbed wire fences and around the area, such as roads and ski runs.

Ski Equipment is awkward heavy and often very sharp. This equipment can cause damage to persons or property when mishandled or if it falls. Always choose an appropriate place to store your skis and boots and think of those around you when carrying it.

Help us keep you to stay safe when in our care – Please report anything you consider unsafe.